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Creation & Collaboration

Baton Rouge, LA based Adjunct Creative is a multidisciplinary creative studio led by award winning designer and creative director, Daniel Duvic. Adjunct is positioned to act as your full-time, one-stop shop for all your visual communication solutions. We can work seamlessly with marketing directors or in-house teams, partner with agencies to bring added creative muscle, or service clients directly. We have partnered with clients within virtually every industry.

With decades of experience and relationships we can assemble teams to execute projects of any scale from ground-up branding and packaging to video production and fully integrated cross platform advertising campaigns. We are small by design to stay focused and agile, but thrive on our industry relationships. All of our creative partnerships are based on trust, quality and a mutual passion for delivering products that see client success as our most prized metric.

What should your brand say about you?

Building a brand is more than designing a logo. Your brand is your attitude, your culture and how you fit into your community. Adjunct loves working closely with our clients to get to know and understand their needs, struggles and goals. Your brand should leave a positive impression with every interaction and should tell a cohesive story from beginning to end. We can craft that story so it’s recognizable, memorable and inspirational.

Packaging is the front line of your sales team.

Thoughtful and unique design will give any product an advantage on the shelf. The ever evolving consumer landscape needs to be understood and spoken to in a visually relevant and current manner. Don’t miss a sales opportunity because your brand gets lost in the rainbow of shelfspace. Be loud and memorable—in a good way.

Give your projects creative direction.

Adjunct Creative specializes in creative and art direction for a variety of visual communication mediums. Whether your business needs external signage, wayfinding signage, environmental graphics or any other type of visual collateral, we can expertly plan, design and coordinate production and installation.

Featured Work


Branding and Packaging



cajun spirits distillery

Branding and Packaging

h & h lure company



Branding and Packaging

the plantry café


Fun new branding for Blue Moon Farm out of St. Francisville. There will be much more to talk about in the near future, but for now, enjoy this carousel branding elements. 

#branding #branddesign #brandidentity #logo #farmlogo #farmtotable #responsivelogo
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Getting to work on the final details of the soon to be open @plantrycafe.  As always, a stellar print and install by @rebelgraphix and @markgvincent 
When this place opens it’s going to be one of the most unique dining experiences in Baton Rouge.
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NEW WORK. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo @parishbrewingco released a raspberry, mango margarita Berliner style Ale. Cheers!!!

#beerporn #craftbeerlabels #beerlabeldesign #cincodemayo #batonrougedesigner
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New work for @parishbrewingco #WabiSabi. This is Parish’s first take on a toasted rice lager and it’s phenomenal. The design is based on the traditional Japanese art form of sealing cracks with lacquer and gold powder. This technique of repair embodies the wabi-sabi aesthetic, which embraces the beauty in imperfection. The label is printed on a metallic substrate to create beautiful reflective gold bands across the art. 

#beerporn #craftbeerdeaign #beerlabeldesign #batonroigedesigner #parishbeer #ricelager #packagedesign
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Adjunct is pleased to share that @parishbeer #infiniteghost can design has been awarded a Gold Addy Award for Packaging Design from the @adfedbr annual Addy Awards.
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Those colors though.
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